February 23, 2003

streams of eye

Alright, here it is. The long awaited first post. I've had many things that I've wanted to contribute but haven't. Mostly because I'm lazy, partially because I couldn't figure out how to post a story before. Now, that I have figured it out and have mustered enough resolve to actually write something I better at least summarize my past ideas...

1) Chris Huffins, bronze medalist in the Decathalon and neighbor of mine. Mainly what's of interest here is that he's really excellent at throwing, say, a javelin but really shitty at, say, picking up all his garbage and recycling. Kinda funny, also the Decathalon in general is a punchline.

2) LA Lakers, they always win. The refs always put the fix in as we saw against the Rockets a few days ago when Yao was called for three questionable fouls in about a minute during the end of overtime. Sometimes I'm tempted to get mad but then I realize that this would be like getting mad when Hulk Hogan wins at professional wrestling. That ref turned his back when he got out the folding chair, but that's what one should expect.

3) I can't think of the third idea, maybe there never was one. I guess number three is my idea that I had today. Namely, the "one a day" plan for personal restraint. I know one of my biggest problems is living in moderation so I thought maybe a good idea would be not to try to quit your vices outright but merely to limit them to a decent amount. This could come in the form of a single cigarette a day, a single large meal or maybe something constructive like exercising once a day. I'm not sure if it's a good idea but it sounds like it might be. Would be interested to know your thoughts. That's all for now...

-dr v

Posted by dr_v at 07:34 PM