April 13, 2003

Ass Beating 101

It's no small secret that I've been ramping up my interest in the martial arts as of late, at least to some of you. You may have even already seen my one-inch punch hijinks. However, you probably haven't seen the original Bruce Lee footage.

While the one-inch punch is flashy, it's effectiveness is somewhat questionable. You see, it's always going to be difficult to out-punch a bigger, stronger opponent. That's why there's so many weight-divisions in boxing. You can have all the punching technique in the world but it's still probably not going to beat a guy even 20 lbs. heavier than you. Against a bigger opponent, you're probably better off with a choke, an armbar or, possibly more effective for a woman, a finger lock.

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April 01, 2003

Surprise, I just tricked you into drinking urine!

Greetings all. Just making another post to feed the masses. Everytime I see my dear friends these days they have to harass me for not posting enough on here. It's practically an arms race with Sean and Kristen having posted enough to create a small book at this point. But I digress, I wanted to mention an idea I had for a reality show yesterday.

I guess my idea is somewhat along the Fear Factor/Candid Camera line of gross/practical joke-based comedy. It's called "Surprise, I just tricked you into drinking urine!" One possible scenario for the show would involve giving people a mock taste test. At the end we ask them which cola they liked the best: A, B or C. Say they pick B. Then the response, "We'd like to inform you that cola B contained 3% human urine. How does that make you feel?" The possibilities are endless...

Posted by dr_v at 06:24 PM